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0015614phplist applicationConfigurationpublic17-05-11 21:4308-08-11 21:25
PlatformLinuxOSCentosOS Version5.5
Product Version2.10.14 
Target Version2.10.XFixed in Version2.10.15 
Summary0015614: Configuring Attributes does not save order, default, and, required
DescriptionWhen using phpList as suggested with register_globals off, the values for the fields "order of listing", "default value", and "is the attribute required" are not saved when clicking save changes.

Steps To ReproduceTuen off register_globals in php, enter values in the fields that I said do not work, and, click save changes. They won't save.
Additional InformationThe reason can be traced to commonlib/pages/attributes.php, the following line:

        $query = sprintf('update %s set name = "%s" ,type = "%s" ,listorder = %d,default_value = "%s" ,required = %d where id = %d',

Note that $listorder, $default, and $required are missing the $_POST. The line SHOULD read:

        $query = sprintf('update %s set name = "%s" ,type = "%s" ,listorder = %d,default_value = "%s" ,required = %d where id = %d',

Which then allows the screen to work with register globals off. WHich is good of course since it is deprecated in php 5.3.0
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has duplicate 0015612resolvedmichiel Attributes' order of listing on subscribe page cannot be saved (not fixed in 2.10.13) 

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sfatula (reporter)
19-05-11 18:15

I do not believe this to be a duplicate. The other case is talking about making subscribe pages. This has nothing to do with that, and, talks about additional fields as well.
duncanc (developer)
20-07-11 22:55

I can confirm that this is still a problem in 2.10.14
On the page lists/admin/?page=attributes with two attributes displayed, changes to the "order of listing", "default value" or the "attribute required" field are not saved.

This is with register_globals set to off.
michiel (manager)
08-08-11 21:25 [^]

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