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Summary0015606: Daily automatic RSS re-scheduling doesn't seem to work when list is owned by a sub-admin.
Descriptionmotty5 describes the following scenario:
=====Start Quote=====
I experienced a very similar problem when setting up a cron job to process a daily rss message. The first message was send out fine, however subsequent messages where not sent anymore. I followed the cron setup described here. ( I used the wpget option and added a admin "rssemailer" which is not super admin to commandline users)

For me the problem somehow seems to be related to the permissions of the admin. When I scheduled a cronjob using the superadmin, then everything works fine however when using an admin with less permissions, then it breaks the scheduling and the message is not rescheduled.

The admin "rssemailer" had all message permissions set to owner and was owning both the list to send messages to and had created the original message. I did not have time to look into which page you need access to in order to avoid breaking scheduling, however, it did work for the superadmin.
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Steps To ReproduceA number of other users have reported issues that might be related.

However, motty5's post seems to be the only one containing some clues on how to reproduce the problem.
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20-03-12 15:39

administrator   ~0051508

sounds like it may not be just RSS, but actually the rescheduling

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