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0015583phpList 3 applicationSubscriber Exportpublic22-05-12 15:55
Reporterlwc Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.10 
Fixed in Version2.11.7 
Summary0015583: Export is limited by dates
DescriptionThe date choice is only X years to the past (why?). If that X is beyond some (or all) of your users, there's no way to export the full list (or "a" list at whole if X is beyond all users)!

Please either extend the minimal date to like 100 years in the past or better yet just add a fourth option of "all dates".

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07-02-11 20:39

manager   ~0051166

I believe this is configurable and can be changed by setting the year ranges in config.php:


08-02-11 10:25

updater   ~0051167

"be aware that the drop down may become very large."
Which suggests even more the best solution would be a simple "all dates" option.


22-05-12 15:55

administrator   ~0051581