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0015579phpList 3 applicationStatisticspublic29-04-11 18:45
Reportersolmar Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPhplist 2.11OSLinuxOS VersionCentOS
Product Version2.11.5 
Fixed in Version2.11.6 
Summary0015579: mclicks.php always shows "no active campaigns", Caused by error in SQL
DescriptionUsing 2.11.5, click tracking enabled, visiting mclicks.php with known messages that have been fully sent and thoroughly clicked.
Page says "there are no active campaigns", no matter the user's access level (all, owner, admin).
Therefore, user thinks that links are not monitored.

Checked admin/mclicks.php, found a problem in main SQL SELECT at row 52:

    where clicked and linktrack_ml.messageid = %s and entered < date_sub(now(), interval 12 month) group by messageid order by entered desc limit 50',

****Issue: condition "entered < date_sub" causes always zero results.

****Solution: turned before to later
"entered > date_sub"

****Result: mclicks.php lists messages sent within last 12 months with at least 1 click. Titles can be clicked for drill-down.

****Why not in 2.10.12: in that version, the SELECT does not have the time condition.
Steps To ReproduceIn 2.11.5, click tracking enabled, visit mclicks.php
Additional InformationProblem should be solved, hope the solution is fine.
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03-02-11 23:26

manager   ~0051161

I believe mclicks.php has undergone some some changes in the last development version. Have you tried upgrading yo 2.11.6 ?


04-02-11 08:58

reporter   ~0051162

Not yet.
We use Phplist in a production environment, migrated to 2.11.5 just recently, so we are not doing any more general updates in the near future (ok bugfixing).


29-04-11 18:45

administrator   ~0051223

can't replicate that in 2.11.6