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0015561phpList 3 applicationRSSpublic29-04-11 19:58
Reporterlwc Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Target VersionFuture developments 
Summary0015561: RSS feed for phplist itself
DescriptionEach time phplist sends a new message, how about also adding its details in a RSS file? This will open the doors to RSS subscribers as well.

You could add an option for "RSS link":
* Blank (the default) would disable this feature.
* http://[WEBSITE]/archive.php?x=[MESSAGE_ID]&listID=[LIST_ID]&layoutID=[LAYOUT_ID]&pagerows=[PAGE_ROWS]&pagenum=[PAGE_NUM] would support
* etc.
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29-04-11 19:58

administrator   ~0051239

interesitng idea