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0015555phpList 3 applicationDocumentationpublic13-02-19 12:26
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Summary0015555: System requirements documentation should mention current system incompatibilities
DescriptionThe system requirements documentation is a bit outdated and it would seem fair to include a number of new requirements (or system incompatibilities) that have developed over time. These are the ones I can think of right now.

phpList code is currently incompatible with PHP 5.3+ systems since it includes a number of PHP functions and ini directives that are deprecated in PHP 5.3.

The iconv module is currently needed to run phpList. Since it is a non-standard PHP module, it should be documented as a requirement. Currently (v2.10.12), message editing is blocked on systems that do not support iconv.

System-wide UTF-8 configuration (including the database) is required for any language that uses special characters. Hardcoding UTF-8 has contributed to a sharp increase of charset related issue reports in the forum, especially in the international zone. As long as UTF-8 hardcoding is not replaced by configurable variables, the UTF-8 requirement should be clearly mentioned in the documentation.

It might also be a good idea if other, long-standing requirements, related to specific features, were to be included in the system requirements doc. Much in the same way as the IMAP requirement currently mentioned in relation to the bounce processing feature. For instance:
- XML support, required for RSS
- Pear http_request, required for sending web pages
- FPDF, required for automatic PDF conversion

Additional InformationPresenting a clear and updated picture of system requirements seems fair both to prospective phpList users, and to hosting providers that offer phpList installations as part of their package and would benefit from a more detailed listing of phpList system requirements.

Additionally, I expect it will take away some of the pressure on a small team of active moderators and phpList users currently providing community support in the forum.



29-04-11 19:12

administrator   ~0051241

I've updated the "developers use" to reflect my system

I've put a "function_exists" around the "iconv", so that requirement can become a recommendation