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0015552phpList 3 applicationBatch Processingpublic21-06-18 13:05
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Product Version2.10.12 
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Summary0015552: mySQL Database link maybe lost if mail->send() takes some time
DescriptionmySQL database connection is lost when PhpListMailer->send() call takes time.
Steps To ReproducePut a timeout greater than the max lifetime of your mySQL connection just before parent::Send(); in class.phplistmailer.php
Additional InformationSending the mail (using PhpListMailer->send() method) may take some time. Depending on mySQL configuration, the mySQL link maybe closed during mail sending.

When the mail is finally sent, the database link is broken, and the DB could no longer be updated. The result is often a "stalled" massage queue, and some minor inconsistencies in phplist DB.

My solution: close the DB connection juste before parent::Send(); Here is a quick fix for mysql only:

    // close DB connection

    $res = parent::Send();

    // Reconnect to DB
    global $database_host, $database_user, $database_password, $database_name;

    $db = mysql_connect($database_host, $database_user, $database_password, true); // true is important, as it forces a reconnection

    if ($db)
        $lnk = mysql_select_db($database_name, $db);

        if (! $lnk)
            die("mysql_select_db failed: ".mysql_error());

    if(!$res) {

The loop around user IDs should be modified in processqueue.php, as Sql_fetch_row($userids) will fail if db connection is refreshed.

  $arrids = array();
  while ($userdata = Sql_fetch_row($userids)) {
        $arrids[] = $userdata;

  // Will failed if DB connection is refreshed
  // while ($userdata = Sql_fetch_row($userids)) {
  foreach($arrids as $userdata) {

My 2 cents.
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06-06-13 02:26

administrator   ~0052102

you can set a low SMTP_TIMEOUT