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0015543phpList 3 applicationRSSpublic29-04-11 18:25
Reportergazouteast Assigned To 
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PlatformApacheOSLinux / Unix 
Product Version2.10.12 
Summary0015543: Over-ride system needed for RSS frequency / re-use during system test & develop
DescriptionA detailed description of the issues and effects is posted here -
together with the desired solutions.

Essentially, during system install & configure / test / proving, over-ride functionality is needed for -
- feed items re-use
- test-users receipt frequency
- list send frequency
- need to only use scheduled send for [RSS] content
Steps To ReproduceWhen testing and configuring an install or upgrade, it is needed to be able to repeatedly send test mails to test user email addresses, with a very short frequency - perhaps every minute.

The default behaviour forcing a minimum 24-hour wait before the same list and users can be mailed again is a major delay cause to testing and final delivery of project. Additionally, current RSS items already sent, cannot be sent again to the test-set of users or the same test list. This causes test list and test user, and real email account spawning and unnecessary admin growth. It's semi-fine if you have your own LAN email server, but again causes mailbox explosion as testing develops.

There needs to be a method for superadmins to reuse RSS items, recipients, and lists without waiting 24 hours or more. I would suggest either a switchable (on/off) plugin, or core module, available only to superadmins, that removes all the frequency and re-use limitations inherent in default "live" behaviour.

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29-04-11 18:25

administrator   ~0051232

there's an (unpublished) debugaids plugin that does that. I guess it'll need tidying up and publishing ...