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0015534phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic22-05-12 15:14
Reporterjeremyw Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.11.5 
Fixed in Version2.11.7 
Summary0015534: Newlines in footer converted to "rn" in text input box when saving a new message
DescriptionWhen a new message draft is saved, newlines are converted to "rn". Presumably there is a bug somewhere with escaping.

Steps To Reproduce1. From the admin page, start a new campaign. Message footer should appear correctly in text input box.
2. "Save Changes."
3. Footer in text box now appears all on one line, with newlines replaced with "rn".
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25-08-10 04:00

reporter   ~0051074

It may be relevant that in my PHP environment, magic_quotes_gpc = false.


25-08-10 06:30

reporter   ~0051076

Yes, it's a problem resulting from having magic quotes off. Leaving them off, I tried commenting out the sql_escape() line in admin/lib.php (line 62), and the message footer saved correctly.

Not sure what the best course of action is here for a permanent solution.


25-08-10 14:16

reporter   ~0051077

Further to my last note, I *think* the sql_escape() line in setMessageData() in admin/lib.php (line 62) can be safely removed, because the data it escapes is escaped again when it is used later in the function by Sql_Replace() (line 90).

Removing sql_escape() at line 62 also renders the patch I provided for issue #0015522 ( unnecessary.