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0015511phpList 3 applicationPlugin APIpublic21-06-18 13:01
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Summary0015511: Plugin: display statistics of message opens and bounces per message
DescriptionPaul Brett developed a message statistics plugin, based on the usertrack method:

===== Start quote =====
I have developed a plugin that gives open & bounce statistics for a message. Also shows you exactly who has viewed the message (and who hasn' far as it's possible to tell). It only works for HTML messages - it's not possible to know who opened text messages.

To enable open statistics you need to put the placeholder [USERTRACK] somewhere in your HTML message. A good idea is to put it in your default message footer via the configure page.
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Related forum thread:
Attached plugin: statistics_plugin.rar
Additional InformationSeveral improvements (not included in attached zip file) to this plugin were suggested in related forum thread:


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04-07-10 02:19


statistics_plugin.rar (2,094 bytes)


01-09-10 16:39

updater   ~0051084

I have taken the statistics plugin and tidied it up a bit, see attached screenshot:
- automatically show the most recent message
- provide a summary of statistics for each message to the list of messages
- added paging through the list of messages and the lists of users who have viewed/not viewed a message, 50 at a time
- added a link to download the list of users who have viewed the message


01-09-10 16:44


statistics.tar.gz (2,473 bytes)


08-02-11 18:20

manager   ~0051168

The latest version of duncanc's plugin is available at