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0015509phpList 3 applicationPlugin APIpublic31-05-12 13:18
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Fixed in Version2.11.7 
Summary0015509: Plugin: Monitor progress during sending of messages
DescriptionMonitoring progress during mailqueue processing is a feature regularly asked for in the forums, and may help signal issues during sending, like script timeouts.
Ideally, the plugin should be able to:
1) display sending progress,
2) detect sending issues, and show warning messages with useful info about the cause of these issues.

Point 2 may require that the phpList error reporting system be made ready to provide error codes to plugins.

Additional InformationA useful progress monitoring plugin was developed by robodigital and CS/CS2, and could be considered a good first step forward:

==== Start quote ====
It'll show the number sent for all messages with status of either "inprocess" or "suspended" along with their status, id and subject.
==== End quote ====

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child of 0003292 new plugin API functionality 


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31-05-12 13:18

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that's now part of core