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0015493phpList 3 pluginsGeneralpublic06-02-19 11:35
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Summary0015493: Rss manager plugin sets default repeatinterval for non-rss messages without permission
DescriptionRss manager plugin sets default repeatinterval for non-rss messages without permission.

This is a block issue because you can never send a non-rss message because it gets programmed to the next rss interval time, well, whatever, you can not send normal messages ok.

The fix: If rssmanager plugin detects that the rsstemplate value is none or is not defined it refuses to save it (i.e. set its repeatinterval).

Additional InformationBased on revision 1703.
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child of 0015498 new Rss manager is totally broken on svn 


27-05-10 19:33


G05_rssmanager_sendMessageTabSave_repeatinterval_for_non_rss_emails_fix.patch (934 bytes)   
diff -urN rssfixes_G04_rssmanager_rssthreshold_greater_than_fix/lists/admin/plugins/rssmanager.php rssfixes_G05_rssmanager_sendMessageTabSave_repeatinterval_for_non_rss_emails_fix/lists/admin/plugins/rssmanager.php
--- rssfixes_G04_rssmanager_rssthreshold_greater_than_fix/lists/admin/plugins/rssmanager.php	2010-05-17 07:19:28.000000000 +0200
+++ rssfixes_G05_rssmanager_sendMessageTabSave_repeatinterval_for_non_rss_emails_fix/lists/admin/plugins/rssmanager.php	2010-05-17 07:33:53.000000000 +0200
@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@
   function sendMessageTabSave($messageid= 0, $data= array ()) {
     if (!$this->enabled)
       return null;
+    if ((!($_POST['rsstemplate'])) || ($_POST['rsstemplate'] == "none") ) return null;
     # mark previous RSS templates with this frequency and owner as sent
     # this should actually be much more complex than this:
     # templates should be allowed by list and therefore a subset of lists, but

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