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0015448phpList 3 applicationAdmin Managementpublic21-06-18 14:05
ReporterMSK Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.11 
Target Versionnext majorFixed in Version2.11.11 
Summary0015448: Navigation error in user list, with subselection 'Show only unconfirmed users' or 'Show only blacklisted users'
list of all users:
12680 users in total
Users marked red are unconfirmed (707)

1. check "Show only unconfirmed users:" or "Show only blacklisted users:" and click "Go"
2. Look:
Listing user 1 to 50
<< < > >>
3. Click ">>" and go last page in 12680 user and the need for 707 Users
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