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0015425phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic23-05-12 14:48
Reporterh2b2 Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.10 
Fixed in Version2.11.7 
Summary0015425: Active lists not displayed on preferences page
DescriptionA number of forum reports mentioned that active lists were not displayed on the preferences page of a user and instead got this error message:
   "Sorry there are currently no newsletters available"

For more details, see:

A possible fix, which seems to work at least for some, was suggested in this post:
Additional InformationThe issue is not widely reported on the forum. System info is missing in the forum reports.

Could not reproduce this issue on my system.
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has duplicate 0015453 resolvedmichiel User cannot choose which lists to subscribe to 
related to 0016629 resolvedmichiel disallow making lists inactive when they are used in subscribe pages. 



09-04-10 18:30

administrator   ~0050867

that sounds more like a config issue:

1. user is related to a subscribe page
2. subscribe page is not set to list any lists

only without subscribe pages will phpList list all "active" lists. When subscribe pages are in effect, it will use the ones set on the subscribe page.

does that sound like a possible cause for it?

Ed Poor

23-04-10 17:51

reporter   ~0050963

How is a user related to a subscribe page? Is there a way to see or change what Subscribe Page a user is related to?


23-04-10 17:57

administrator   ~0050964

when viewing the user, there's a value for "Which page was used to subscribe"

if it's empty, it'll use the default page


19-05-10 22:31

reporter   ~0051017

I am seeing the same problem. I did a clean install of 2.10.5 using Plesk on a CentOS 5 VPS. I disabled all the existing lists, created a new list, made it active and added a user. I did a test mailing but was still in 'test mode'.

I then decided to upgrade to 2.10.12, replacing all files, updating the new configuration file and retaining the 2.10.5 database. The database update was successful. When I logged out and accessed the list as a user wishing to subscribe, I got the message 'Sorry there are currently no newsletters available'. Activating another mailing list did not change the symptoms.

When I applied the update to index.php from, a new subscriber was able to see both lists. Making the test list inactive caused users to be added to the remaining list without having to select it.

I got 3,4,5,6 when I dumped $data["lists"] around line 512 of index.php. Assuming these numbers relate to the list numbers, the two lists that were active at the time were 1 and 7.

As a test, I activated lists 1, 3 and 7. With the update to index.php in place, all three lists appeared. With a stock index.php, I was automatically subscribed to list 3. $data["lists"] was still showing 3,4,5,6.

It will be at least another week before this phplist will go live, so I can do simple debugging if that will help.


03-06-10 00:03

reporter   ~0051034

Further testing showed that my problem was a 'user error'. I had not associated the new mailing list with any subscribe pages. Once I had done that, I was able to subscribe using the original index.php code.

The instructions relating to the linkage between mailing lists and subscribe pages could be clearer.


03-06-10 12:44

administrator   ~0051035

yes, I guess it's not very intuitive how it works, and it should be addressed either in documenting more clearly, or updating the way it works, adding eg a message about it.


28-01-11 13:40

reporter   ~0051157

Confirm Michiel's #0051035 statemente: it is not a bug, it just works, but the UI allows the list admin to generate this weird result.

Using 2.11.5

My steps: created a list, let it "inactive", created a subscribe page, checked that list.
Result: visiting the subscribe page, it tries to expose the selected list, but is told that the same is inactive. As the page is left with no active lists, the corresponding message appears.

My suggestions:
- Either in subscribe page's create/edit inform the admin that lists selected here "will be made active", repeating the concept in list's create/edit form.
- Or limit selectable lists (in subscribe page's create/edit) to those that are active.


23-05-12 14:46

administrator   ~0051610

I've updated the subscribe page editing, to only show public lists.

That still doesn't entirely resolve it, but it'll help.

Things may still go wrong if:

1. you have a list A public
2. edit a subscribe page and add A to the page
3. make A not public

So, it may be necessary to disallow making lists inactive when they are used in subscribe pages.