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0015402phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic22-05-12 22:20
Reporterrhum Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.10 
Fixed in Version2.11.7 
Summary0015402: Process Message Send Hangs In Broswer
DescriptionSee -

The described fix does not resolve this issue.

This issue was closed prematurely.

Issue occurs every time I try to process a message.

Messages do get sent but I had to sit up for 15 hours to load the page manually every hour as it just hangs in browser till time out so the meta or js refresh code never gets sent to the browser.

Really annoying, this is the most important part of the software and since I upgraded it is useless.

Is there a way to roll back to a version that works?
Additional InformationI am so sleepy... we do a weekly mail out... If I cant fix this I will have to change software and I love phplist
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20-01-10 15:20

administrator   ~0050829

someone can try to look at it, but it's probably best to run the queue from commandline


20-01-10 22:30

reporter   ~0050836

I am running this from a hosted account, I don't have the facility to do this... I have tried to run the queue as a cron job but I am not getting any confirmation emails back from each batch run... the only time I get the process emails is when I manually call the script from the browser.

is there a way i can call the script from the cron tab without using the lynx command... I am not very good at unix/linux server type things outside of apache and php.


09-03-10 03:40

reporter   ~0050848

Ok, I am running this from the cron tab and from the command line, I have tried throttling and various combinations of things from the forum and nothing resolves this issue.

Additionally when i run from the command line the messages don’t actually send. The only way I can ensure that it sends is to load it in the browser every hour and let it hang, terminate the session and load it again to be thrown to the stats on the process.

This is really starting to do my head in... I just want to downgrade to the version that worked.. is that possible?


09-03-10 04:44

reporter   ~0050849

Seem to have worked out a way to trick it into working. Seems to timeout or something when processing in batches. If i split the batches up into stupidly small and frequent runs then it works. Am doing 15 messages every 2 minutes and it is working... but this is hardly a great solution!


22-05-12 22:19

administrator   ~0051583

browser sending has been rewritten, and it may be useful to retest this, but for now I'm resolving it.