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0015399phpList 3 applicationSubscriber Importpublic21-06-18 14:05
ReporterJeff DDG Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.10 
Target Versionnext majorFixed in Version2.11.11 
Summary0015399: include_once statement inside import loop in import1.php
DescriptionOn line 208 of import1.php, you have:

include_once dirname(__FILE__)."/commonlib/lib/userlib.php";

This is inside the main import loop and could slow things down for big imports. Also, on line 206, you have:


This is also inside the loop. Both of these could be moved prior to line 177, to make the import more efficient. The mt_srand() call isn't even necessary. The mt_rand() function doesn't need to be initialized with a salt value like rand() does.

Simple tweaks, nothing big. Still reading through the code... :)

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