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0015378phpList 3 applicationInterface - Backendpublic20-04-10 01:13
Reporteradrian15 Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionFuture developments 
Target Version2.10.12Fixed in Version2.10.12 
Summary0015378: editlist: Admin can create more lists than maximum list per admin
DescriptionI have created an admin named admin2.
I have logged in as admin2 and I have added a list.
Whenever I have come back to list of lists page (page=list) I have seen
that I had not any link to add a new list.

I think it is ok because somewhere at config.php there's a setting that
says that an admin can only have one mailing list per default.

But what does happen when admin2 writes something like:

Yes, here you are. He can add another list and it get listed and
page=list page.

Should not editlist.php check for the admin's lists number and forgive
the entrace if the maximum number of lists per admin have been reached?

I think that yes, so... here there is a patch for fixing this issue.
Additional InformationIn my opinnion this bug is severe. Please check if you can reproduce the bug in 2.10.10 and fix it. Thank you.
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30-11-09 21:04


svn_r1703_post_initial_02_patch_editlist_admin_can_add_new_lists_even_if_maxlist_reached.patch (1,017 bytes)   
diff -urN svn_r1703_sin_punto_svn_improved_01_editlist_bugfix/phplist/public_html/lists/admin/editlist.php svn_r1703_sin_punto_svn_improved_01_editlist_bugfix_maxlist/phplist/public_html/lists/admin/editlist.php
--- svn_r1703_sin_punto_svn_improved_01_editlist_bugfix/phplist/public_html/lists/admin/editlist.php	2009-11-29 10:53:37.000000000 +0100
+++ svn_r1703_sin_punto_svn_improved_01_editlist_bugfix_maxlist/phplist/public_html/lists/admin/editlist.php	2009-11-29 11:22:10.000000000 +0100
@@ -19,6 +19,12 @@
           Fatal_Error($GLOBALS['I18N']->get('You do not have enough priviliges to view this page'));
+      } else {
+	$numlists = Sql_Fetch_Row_query("select count(*) from {$tables['list']} where owner = " . $_SESSION['logindetails']['id']);
+	if (!($numlists[0] < MAXLIST)) {
+	  Fatal_Error($GLOBALS['I18N']->get('You cannot create a new list because you have reached maximum number of lists per admin.'));
+          return;
+	}
     case "all":