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0015357phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic22-08-18 17:35
Reportermike mckoy Assigned To 
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Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.10.10 
Target VersionFuture developments 
Summary0015357: Develope Swift mailer pluggin that would allow phplist message sending to increase exponentionaly!
DescriptionWants to find out where we are with possibly creating a swift mailer pluggin to be added to the defaiult phplist plugin. I have a dedicated server I can donate to development.

Swift mailer would allow load balancing between servers with phpmailer doesn't support. Load balancing would safely and effienctly increase phplist performance beyond 30,000 messages per hour. It may make things easier for those using shared hosting as well

Some of Swift Mailer Features:

* Send uses one single connection to the SMTP server or MTA
* Doesn't rely on mail()
* Custom Headers
* Multiple encoding options
* Unlimited redundant connections (can use mixed types too)
* Connection rotating/load balancing
* TLS Support - for Gmail servers
* Embedded Images or other file types
* Builds and sends Multipart messages
* Sends single-part emails as usual
* Fast Cc and Bcc handling
* Unicode UTF-8 support, with auto-detection
* Handles denied recipients in batch mailing whilst still delivering to the others
* Optional auto-detection of SMTP or Sendmail settings
* Batch emailing with multiple To's or without
* Send to hundreds of thousands of addresses without cron
* Support for multiple attachments
* Protection against header injection
* Set message priority
* Request Read Receipts
* Sendmail (or other binary) support
* Pluggable SMTP Authentication (LOGIN, PLAIN, MD5-CRAM, POP Before SMTP)
* Anti-Flooding support (reconnect every X emails) via plugin
* Secure Socket Layer connections (SSL)
* Loadable plugin support with event handling features
Additional InformationI have a server i can dedicate to this.

Runs CENTOS 5.3 64 bit
3GB of RAM
Two athlon 4200 processors
(2)250 gb drives in raid 1
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mike mckoy

06-11-09 09:27

reporter   ~0050768

If there is anyone available...

I contacted one of the senior developers for swift mailer. He'd like to consult with a phplist senior dev to begin to initiate a plugin that will allow phplist to take advantage of swift mailer.

1. load balancing for smtp outgoing mail
2. reduced server load
3. its capable of sending over 500k messages per hour.

Please reply so that contact can be made. This would be a big win for phplist. It would be the fastest and most advanced open source bulk mailing platform available.


06-11-09 12:55

administrator   ~0050769

sure, sounds very interesting, and very needed in phpList. I think the easiest way to discuss issues is on the developers mailinglist, as it will increase the understanding of any community developer involved.

mike mckoy

06-11-09 16:47

reporter   ~0050770

Hey Michiel...

Xavier, the Senior Developer from Swift Mailer will join mantis and would like to start working with someone on Saturday. He's working hard today so he may not join til tomorrow morning. Can you have someone available to give direction on what scripts he should look at? is it possible that a plugin can overrule the phpmailer system as a wrapper won't work.

Also can you think about how you would like to give an option to select swift mailer over phpmailer? If any of those collected thoughts could be in mantis tomorrow i'm sure that would help him get started.

He'll have it written fairly quickly as I understand it. But phplist has to decide the best way to incorporate this new selection and functionality into the config file.

phplist is a complicated machine :)


06-11-09 18:18

administrator   ~0050771

I'm not sure I'll be around on saturday, but here are a few pointers:

currently, phpList uses phpmailer, which I extended with the phplistmailer class that can be found in the admin directory. However, I hacked away at phpmailer itself, which is the reason I haven't upgraded to the latest phpmailer yet.

If you can create a wrapper class that would handle the same calls as phpmailer, that would be great. I think it makes most sense to wrap an abstract class around swiftmailer, as an interface to phplist.

It's easy to test things. Once you're set up a local dev-environment, you can simply send yourself a test mail to check that all is working ok.

mike mckoy

06-11-09 18:35

reporter   ~0050772

Well hopefully he will see that. But he was very specific in stating that a wrapper will limit the capability. Being that i'm not a developer i'm not sure what that means. Hopefully it will still work with load balancing becuase that is extremely important. It would elevate phplist to a enterprise level application (out of the box).

It could be he was referring to something I didn't comprehend right. My apologies if i'm wrong.

Thanks Michiel.


23-04-10 22:24

administrator   ~0050965

is there any movement on this?

There's a need to upgrade the "send-engine" of phpList, phpMailer is very old. So, if swiftmailer can be used instead, that would fine by me.

Thing is, evaluating swiftMailer vs phpMailer, both seem to have very little development going on.


02-10-10 17:51

reporter   ~0051101


Kettle calling the pot black there Michiel

It took you 5 months to reply to McKoy's last note in this ticket, by which time Xavier was probably long gone, and with a very low opinion of PHPlist response.



02-10-10 17:56

administrator   ~0051103

that's the nature of open source. everyone does their own thing in their own time. 5 months is nothing. I'm involved in bug reports for Firefox that were opened 7 years ago and haven't had movement for 3 years, and still will get fixed at some point. When nobody is paid for it, the priority is determined in a different way.


29-04-11 19:17

administrator   ~0051230

I eventually went down the phpMailer route for now and the latest dev code has the latest phpMailer. But I'd be happy to include a swiftmailer implementation if it is contributed.

Neither project seems to be really actively maintained:


23-10-12 21:28

reporter   ~0051769

now on github:


23-10-12 22:14

administrator   ~0051770

I'd be happy to help out to achieve this, but I can't do it myself. So, I've moved this to the "maintainer needed" project.