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Summary0015355: New subscribers to RSS list digests get RSS items older than the digest time interval
DescriptionTo quote user "alanf",

"When running an RSS e-mail with daily frequency, and another with monthly, I need to keep at least 1 months worth of RSS data on the database.

If a NEW user subscribes to the list as 'daily', on the first day the new user will get everything held on the RSS tables on the first e-mail, as nothing has been flagged as being sent to that user.

In an ideal world, when a new user subscribes to a daily list, the RSS table would be flagged to excluded everything over a day old for that user, son on the first e-mail they get just the recent RSS data (and the same logic for weeky / monthly )"

I would add it may appear like a trivial problem because it only affects new subscribers... except that if you are setting up PHPlist for the first time, and you are importing a list of 10,000 people, and you have a number of RSS feeds that go back a year, suddenly it is not a trivial issue because it will affect 10,000 people.
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09-04-10 06:23

reporter   ~0050857

The behaviour of beginning inclusion from the oldest item is a default of all "vanilla" RSS implementations everywhere.
To clear it and place age limitations does require custom code specific to the script calling the RSS source.

An example is that on one of my discussion forums, the news board called the feed for announcements from each eBay site worldwide ... and dumped over 10,000 new forum topics into the news board - sort of useful and interesting but I got a heavy slap around the head off the hosts for the server resource spike.

Certainly a restrictor should be coded to prevent older posts than the subscribe period from appearing in the emails. There should also be an auto-cull period equql to (for example) 2x the longest repeat interval - to keep the database compact and speed queries.

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