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0015349phplist applicationUser Managementpublic11-06-13 21:43
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0.x 
Target Version2.11.11Fixed in Version2.11.11 
Summary0015349: multi-byte characters in user attributes
DescriptionJust like only for user attributes.

This is relevant for:
1) The usage of [attribute] in messages.
2) Searching by attribute in the list of users.
3) Displaying the search result of searching by attribute in the list of users
4) The user's preferences page
5) The admin's edit screen of individual users.

Things like such users are being unsearchable (by the relevant attribute) - even if you use slash in your search - is why I classified it as a major error.
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related to 0001152 resolvedmichiel Need stripslashes when displaying the list name 



22-04-10 13:17

manager   ~0050956

I can't actually replicate this. But that might be because I don't have names that require quoting.

is it in attribute names that it goes wrong? Can you give and example?


06-05-10 10:21

reporter   ~0050993

For example, if (in UTF-8 encoding) your username is called ?'?? ??


06-05-10 10:22

reporter   ~0050994

Oh, how I wish you'd allow editing submissions. Anyway, I mean the bold part in


05-06-13 16:00

manager   ~0052100

I just tried in trunk and for some reasons hebrew characters in user attributes don't work. So that needs looking at.


11-06-13 15:37

manager   ~0052134

I guess the error I had was on a non-UTF-8 DB.

I found the places to strip the slashes. But somehow the search still doesn't find them.


11-06-13 21:41

manager   ~0052135

I added a subscriber with name ????????? and searched for it and it found the subscriber.

Not entirely sure this is all fine, but resolving for now.


11-06-13 21:43

manager   ~0052136

mantis doesn't handle the characters, but it was "Newsletter" in Hebrew, which seems to have the quoted characters.