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0015314phpList 3 applicationAdmin Managementpublic14-11-18 21:58
ReporterLexHair Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.10.10 
Summary0015314: Multiple Owners Per List
DescriptionFirst requested in Issue#0002483. Still desired for my use where there are multiple admins but only 1 super-admin. Right now, only 1 admin (the owner) and the super-admin can use a list. Please reconsider this feature.
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has duplicate 0002483 closed Multiple Admins per List 



28-07-09 20:25

reporter   ~0050701

I agree that this is a much-needed feature. Of course, the "group permissions" concept should be expanded to all of PHPlist and not just lists (though it could probably be done in stages - begin with lists then expand to other areas in subsequent releases).


14-11-18 09:25

reporter   ~0061380

Is anyone working on this? I can't find any similar issues, but I want to avoid working on something that is already in the making someplace else...


14-11-18 13:52

manager   ~0061382

@tfnab Thanks for checking! I don't think so. Thoughts @suela ?


14-11-18 13:55

reporter   ~0061383

@tfnab no, there isn't anyone working one this as far as we know so you can still just set one of the sub-admins as the owner of a certain list. Do you have any idea on how you would implement the feature?


14-11-18 21:58

administrator   ~0061393

if this is being worked on, let's make sure to have a functional spec before the work is started. It's a major change in how things would be organised.

Also, I personally think that having more phpList installations to handle this is easier. Maybe some SSO type authentication will be a quicker resolution.