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0015309phpList 3 applicationInterface - Frontendpublic14-04-10 23:41
Reporterflobee Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionduplicate 
Fixed in Version2.10.11 
Summary0015309: get blacklisted and see the html output when tring to subscribe
Descriptioncrash because its visible and customer in bad mood!

get blacklisted and see the html output when trying to subscribe to a list: dublicate html output. :-(

Additional Informationalso: put css classes to input fields and a different to the submit input field to have a better controll for visual changes. customers nevver accept a standard way!

if you need help commiting bugs-fixes to svn let me know. i will not put any reports, no time for extras, but i'm willed to help to make this app better.

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has duplicate 0015290 resolvedmichiel v2.10.10 - Second subscribe window appearing when re-subscribing a previously unsubscribed user 



25-09-09 13:37

reporter   ~0050741

do you need more informations?


29-10-09 17:18

administrator   ~0050762

can you give the steps to follow to replicate this?

can be useful to do this on the demo site


07-11-09 01:29

reporter   ~0050773


pls. try to subscribe with: ""
fill the form and submit:

Kind regards

07-11-09 01:58


demo.sql.gz (131,567 bytes)


07-11-09 02:00

administrator   ~0050774

yes, great, thanks I can see it. I've attached the current dump of the demo, as it is restored every hour, so that this can be replicated easier in order to fix.

07-11-09 02:01


bug.png (107,403 bytes)   
bug.png (107,403 bytes)   


14-04-10 23:41

manager   ~0050897

Duplicate of issue 0015290.

Suggestion on separate CSS classes for form input fields and the submit field should go in a separate feature request.