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0015282phpList 3 applicationAdmin Managementpublic07-08-09 19:46
Reporterh2b2 Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.10 
Target Version2.10.11 
Summary0015282: v2.10.10: 'View list members' does only allow viewing the first page of 50 users on the list
DescriptionWhen viewing list members (e.g. lists/admin/?page=members&id=1) it is only possible to view the first page of 50 list members. It is not possible to view the remainder of the list members, as the navigation links (<,>,<<,>>) do not seem to work.

For instance, ">" ( does not load the next 50 list members.
Additional InformationThis issue is reported by several forum users (system info included in their posts).

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has duplicate 0015306 resolveduser1308 Under 'Lists' 'view members' display show first 50 members; if i clik next it does not move 
has duplicate 0015333 resolvedmichiel Failure of navigation buttons in list member lists has returned in stable version 
child of 0015370 resolvedmichiel svn revision 1703 inspired from 2.10.10 initial patches 
child of 0015369 resolvedmichiel 2.10.10 initial patches 



27-05-09 15:35

reporter   ~0050665

Here is the fix:

if (isset($start) && $start) {
     $start = sprintf('%d',$_REQUEST["start"]);

if (isset($_GET['start']) && (int) $_GET['start'] > 0) {
$start = (int) $_GET["start"];


29-05-09 09:59

reporter   ~0050666

Not sure what the protocol here is, but I noticed this issue, and iloveitaly's patch fixes it for me.

How does one go about getting the patch considered for inclusion in the next release?

I'd say the severity is rather more than 'minor' too - not being able to edit lists of over 50 members is a pretty major drawback in my book!


01-06-09 10:52

reporter   ~0050669

The above code can be found in the admin code folder in members.php on line 205. Change made and works successfully.


29-06-09 06:55

reporter   ~0050688

it's working!


27-07-09 14:29


I need to asssign this to Pablo.


27-07-09 15:26


Hi Pablo,
Could you please apply this patch to the 2.10.10 (stable) version?

Thanks in advance,


07-08-09 19:45


Change applied and tested.