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0015270phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic23-04-19 10:17
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Summary0015270: [feature-request] List-Unsubscribe mailto: header as opposed to http://
DescriptionThe List-Unsubscribe header includes either an email address or web page that can be used for unsubscribing. It allows mail clients that support it the ability to include an "unsubscribe" link or button. Hotmail currently supports this feature and gmail list having this header in their suggested guidelines for increasing delivery rates to gmail. For more information on the header, see this page:

Note, this is not intended as a replacement for the [UNSUBSCRIBE] placeholder, but as a useful counterpart.
Additional InformationI have modified the class.phplistmailer.php file to include the header with this code:
      $url = getConfig("unsubscribeurl");$sep = ereg('\?',$url)?'&':'?';
      $req = Sql_Fetch_Row_Query(sprintf("SELECT uniqid FROM %s WHERE email = '%s'",
      $hash = $req[0];
      $unsubscribeurl = sprintf('%s%suid=%s',$url,$sep,$hash);
      $this->addCustomHeader("List-Unsubscribe: $unsubscribeurl");
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has duplicate 0015476 closed Add a 'List-Unsubscribe' line to the email header to comply with RFC 2369 



04-05-09 13:41

administrator   ~0050632

phpList does this when phpMailer is not used, but it's true, it would be good to add this when phpMailer is used as well.


25-10-10 20:08

manager   ~0051134

This feature appears to have been added in v2.11.5. Changing status to 'feedback'


23-05-12 03:48

administrator   ~0051595

The HTTP version is there, but interestingly

seems to suggest it's good to add a mailto: option, particularly for gmail.

Question now would be:

1. can we have two List-Unsubscribe headers? One HTTP and the other Mailto?
2. if not, which one do we want
3. if yes, how, one header with both locations combined in one header line, or two headers?

anyone up for doing the research?

Seems a good thing to sort out.


02-08-12 04:52

reporter   ~0051691

Example from

List-Unsubscribe: <>,<>

One header both options separated by a comma.


02-08-12 05:16

reporter   ~0051692

Got mangled, check it out in the link, it is at 3.2. List-Unsubscribe


07-08-12 13:14

administrator   ~0051695

great, thanks. Now we need a way to process the unsubscribes by email. Maybe for now, we can set it to go to the system admin address.


14-04-19 16:50

reporter   ~0062086

hello, any plans to implement this ? I have checked my reply-to address and I have a lot of replies from Gmail or iOSM mail like this :

Subject like "e7d485de744e2d246715dd594fa5b9fe"

Body : This message was automatically generated by Gmail.


23-04-19 10:17

manager   ~0062115

An implementation of this is close to completion but unfinished here: