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0015259phpList 3 applicationStatisticspublic18-05-11 15:30
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Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.10.9 
Summary0015259: Patch to customise usertrack image.
DescriptionThe usertrack image is a png file that is hardcoded as a 1x1 pixel (AKA webbug) in ut.php and the related HTML in admin/sendemaillib.php
I felt this wasn't very nice and wanted a more obvious image and the ability to add alternate text to remind people to turn on images.
Additional InformationAttached are two new files,
ut.php and admin/sendemaillib.php

To make this work add the following to your config file,
# Set to UT_USE_CUSTOM_IMAGE 1 to bypass the default usertrack of a 1 px X 1 px image and use
# your own image. The UT_IMAGE_CONTENTTYPE matches the UT_IMAGE_FILENAME which is the full path
# to the filename (with its name) not a relative path. This can be located outside of the
# web accessible folder. The UT_IMAGE_ALT is a suitable Alternate text. Use this when you want
# to be clear about the hidden image with people who do not load images (you could say
# "Use load images to see image" to remind them to do this.
define('UT_IMAGE_ALT','Please load images');
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21-04-09 05:17



22-04-09 19:00

manager   ~0050622

Thanks for the contribution!

Seems somewhat related to:


23-04-09 08:04

reporter   ~0050623

Yes they are somewhat related (though I have provided some code ;)
Do patches people provide eventually get into the main code base for PHPList ?

By not using the default 1 x 1 pixel tracking image but your own unique image then any email scanning system that detects 1 x 1 pixel images or the hard-coded PHPList image as webbugs won't be triggered.
By adding alt text that says "Please Load Images" then you may prompt more email recipients a bit but no guarantee !
Finally understanding typical caching is a nightmare of proxies and client caching and I'm no expert but I have tried to set the content header to try and get the caching right.


23-04-09 19:39

manager   ~0050625

Yes, some of the patches are incorporated in the main code. I cannot say whether this will be the case with your patch, that's up to the development team. I _guess_ the developers might go for the feature request proposed by bzcoder in mantis note 0047672 (see ), probably for target version 2.11.4, and possibly integrate some of your ideas, e.g. an alt text is a nice one.

In the mean time I expect your patch should be quite useful to other phplist users, and it might be a good idea to start a thread on the "Add-ons, Contributions, Mods, Plug-ins" forum ( ) so users can easily find it.