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0015240phpList 3 applicationSubscribe Processpublic16-03-09 19:53
Reporterh2b2 Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.8 
Target Version2.10.10Fixed in Version2.10.10 
Summary0015240: v2.10.9 - Second subscribe window appearing when re-subscribing a previously unsubscribed user
DescriptionThis issue was reported by woolef in this forum post:

====Start quote=====

I get the "second window on form submission" problem (using 2.10.9), but I found out the following;

    * a new email address (ie. one that phplist doesn't know about) works fine.
    * an existing email address (ie. one that is subscribed to a list in my phplist) works fine and you just get a 'thanks for subscribing' message.
    * an email address in your db that has been marked as blacklisted will get the second window error.
    * a deleted email address in your db that was marked as blacklisted before deletion will just get added back to your db with the same second window error

====End quote====
Additional InformationThe issue described by woolef ("an email address in your db that has been marked as blacklisted will get the second window error"), can be reproduced on my v2.10.9 install.

System info:
phplist 2.10.9
PHP 5.2.3
MySQL 4.1.12
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05-03-09 14:35

administrator   ~0050533

would be good to sort this


15-03-09 15:13

reporter   ~0050547

I see the same this, It appears to have issues with email address that were in the database before I upgraded. I.e. I upgrade, I remove an email as admin. I then go and try to subscribe that email and the subscribe page pops up again. If I use an email that have never been in the system it works fine.


16-03-09 19:53


There are in the code a loop that perform an instantiation of several plugin classes, and it's doing a call to a particular method for each isntance of this diferent classes.
That's why sometimes the script call s method that it's not defined in the class of current object.
I put a condition to check if the method called exists in each class of each instance.