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0015238phpList 3 applicationInterface - Frontendpublic23-03-09 15:29
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Product Version2.10.8 
Summary0015238: Subscribe to Selected Newsletters button page
DescriptionOn this page (, there are all the fields to sign up for a newsletter. However, at the bottom of the page, is a button entitled 'Subscribe to Selected Newsletters', and at the top of the page is the text, 'Subscribe to one or more of our newsletters using the form below'. Despite all this, there are no newsletters listed.

I've tried adding newsletters so that I've got more than one newsletter, and that didn't seem to fix the problem.

Is there something additional I need to do that I didn't see in the installation instructions, or is this actually a problem in the software?

Thank you.
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23-03-09 15:29

administrator   ~0050587

you probably have only one list assigned to your page. In that case phpList will hide the checkbox for subscribing and automatically subscribe users to the list. You can override this behaviour in the configuration,