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0015237phpList 3 applicationSubscribe Processpublic02-11-12 15:08
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Summary0015237: phplist changes subscribe layout for user that subscribes in new list
DescriptionHi all, and thanks for phplist. Great product.

I have an issue concerning public pages layout in a multiple list configuration. In my newsletter it's a quite big problem for the "update user" workflow.

That's what happens:
1. User subscribes List A from Layout A and confirm;
All public pages for the user will correctly be the A kind.
2. The same user subscribes to the List B from Layout B.
All public pages for the user are changed in Layout B.

It might have sense (maybe don't if you think like me that the default layout must remain the first in which user subscribed). Anyway it is incorrect that when the user unsubscribes the B List (from the update page), the layout remains the B one.
I suppose that the issue is linked to the to the "Which page was used to subscribe" field in users’ profiles, that is updated every-time users edit their datas.
Is there any way to block the update of this field?
I hope that my report could be useful (and well explained)...
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23-03-09 15:37

administrator   ~0050589

that'll be a design issue (not graphic) and will need some thought, but it's come up in other places as well.