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0015199phpList 3 applicationInterface - Frontendpublic16-12-08 13:10
Reporterh2b2 Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.8 
Fixed in Version2.10.9 
Summary0015199: ver. 2.10.8 - unsubscribe page doesn't not load fully: missing style sheet, body tags, etc.
DescriptionThe unsubscribe page is generated by release 2.10.8 is missing the stylesheet, closing head tag, body tag, closing HTML tag, and other layout ingredients. This results in an invalid HTML page.

This issue has also been reported on the forum:

On a side note: could releases 2.10.7 and 2.10.8 be added to the Mantis "Product Version" selection list?
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has duplicate 0015202 resolvedmichiel phpList: index.php file bug 


11-12-08 04:59 (8,868 bytes)


11-12-08 05:00

reporter   ~0050254

Last edited: 16-12-08 12:04

I haven't tested it, but I did a quick compare of the new and old index.php files in the lists folder and I believe the attached patched version of the index.php file should correct the error.

I replaced this at line 585:
function unsubscribePage($id) {
  global $date, $tables;

 with this:
function unsubscribePage($id) {
  global $data, $tables;

I also replaced $pagedata with $data at lines 658, 686 and 728.


15-12-08 10:29

reporter   ~0050258

I didn't check what this code exactly does, but the fix provided by CS2 worked for me.


16-12-08 13:10


Thanks for the contribution. As error4o4 said, CS2's fix in the code works.