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Summary0015186: Edge effect when 2 separated lists send daily RSS messages (1 message sent instead of 2)
DescriptionConsider the following configuration:
* List 1, managed by "manager1", and based on RSS-feed-1
* List 2, managed by "manager2", and based on RSS-feed-2
* List 1 is sent daily and individually
* List 2 is sent daily and individually
* User "john.doe" subscribed to List 1 and List 2, for daily notifications

On day D:
* 1 new item is published for RSS-feed-1
* 1 new item is published for RSS-feed-2

When messages programmed are processed, user "john.doe" only receives a message for one of the 2 lists (List 1 or List 2) instead of 1 message for each list.

By checking the table phplist_user_rss, a record stores the user id and the last RSS message sent to this user. Apparently, a check is made on this record avoiding new daily messages, from other lists, to be sent. This checking is made in the function rssUserHasContent.

Is it possible to make the daily messages works when a user is subscribed on several lists, which are sent individually or managed separatly ?

Thanks in advance,

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