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0015184phplist applicationUser Managementpublic03-11-08 10:3103-02-11 19:06
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version2.10.7 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.10.9 
Summary0015184: "list of all users" is empty
DescriptionWhen clicking on "Users" in the column at the right, the result is an empty userlist. The top states "156 users", but not a single one shows up.

This feature did work before I upgraded earlier today from 2.10.2 to 2.10.7.
Additional InformationBtw: version 2.10.7 isn't listed in the Mantis "product version" pull-downlist.
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h2b2 (manager)
20-11-08 19:21

A number of user have mentioned having similar problems with displaying the user list after an upgrade to ver. 2.10.7

For more details, see these forum threads: [^] [^] [^]

Since it appears that not all users that upgraded came across this problem, I suppose it might be related to their specific phplist configuration, or server setup.

Unfortunately, most users still forget to include basic info on their server configuration, and this will of course not help speed up the troubleshooting process.

Anyway, the above threads might perhaps provide some indications for troubleshooting.
e28eta (reporter)
26-11-08 08:58

I'm pretty sure I've figured it out. I've never coded in php, and I know _very_ little about phpList itself.

The bug is in the file: admin/commonlib/pages/users.php, starting on line 384:
    ### allow plugins to add columns
    foreach ($GLOBALS['plugins'] as $plugin) {
      $plugin->displayUsers($user, $user['email'], $ls);

The two plugins that came packaged with phplist do not implement the displayUsers method, and the users page craps out at this point.

I tried two different fixes, and both worked. I'm not sure which is appropriate, so I'll offer them both.

First, check to see if the method exists before trying to call it:
    ### allow plugins to add columns
    foreach ($GLOBALS['plugins'] as $plugin) {
      if(method_exists($plugin, "displayUsers")) {
        $plugin->displayUsers($user, $user['email'], $ls);

The second option, modify admin/defaultplugin.php. Add a method displayUsers($user, $email, $listing), that does nothing, to the phplistPlugin class. I'm assuming subclasses can override it to provide desired functionality (again, I know nothing about php).
michiel (manager)
16-12-08 12:31

yes, of the two options, the second one is best:

edit admin/defaultplugin.php and add the empty method.

17-12-08 11:12

Ok, Empty method added to the class.

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