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0015181phpList 3 applicationDocumentationpublic13-02-19 12:27
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Product Version2.10.5 
Summary0015181: ER diagram for database tables used by phplist
DescriptionThis ER diagram was made available by Shwetava Garwal:

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ERD of phplist (Shows relationships for only the major tables).
I left out those those tables that were not relevant to me at this point and/or those where I could not figure out the usage/intention.

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Additional InformationSince "The main development roadmap for phplist is to develop a plugin system that will allow for easier addition of functionality to the solid base", I think it might be useful to provide plugin developers with the tools to build those plugins, such as a developers knowledge base. An ER diagram (preferably a complete one) should IMO be part of this KB.



01-10-08 00:35


phplist_ERD.pdf (1,608,635 bytes)


02-07-18 13:36

manager   ~0060825

@h2b2 This should be easy to generate using open source tools, but will quickly be outdated in future releases, and create a debt of maintenance if added. Perhaps instructions on how to generate such a diagram, added to the wiki, would be a better solution?


02-07-18 19:29

administrator   ~0060826

@samtuke this issue is from 30-09-08, which is 10 years ago :-)

I think this can be closed.