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0014717phpList 3 applicationSubscribe Processpublic06-08-18 12:34
Reporterjsherk Assigned To 
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Product VersionFuture developments 
Summary0014717: Add Bad Behaviour Spam Block Prevention script
DescriptionI have succesfully ported over to phpList Michael Hampton's Bad Behaviour 2 spam blocking php script. It prevents contact(subscribe page) form spammers from ever even being able to reach your subscribe page.

My request is to consider including it as part of future releases of phpList. It highly effective, and very popular with other programs like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

It is far superior to the spam_block feature that is already included with phpList. Since the author's main purpose is to write scripts that block spam, phpList could benefit from this, without having to specializes in that area.

I highly recommend the developers take a look at this and do some testing to see how effective it really is!

Read more about bb2 here:

See forum post here

or here (not sure which one is the valid post):
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28-05-08 20:28

administrator   ~0048176

yes, great idea.


30-06-09 18:01

reporter   ~0050689

I would like to see this added as well.


18-05-11 20:13

reporter   ~0051351

I would like to see it also.


19-05-11 14:12

administrator   ~0051352

I think it would be best to implement this as a plugin, to keep the development seperate. We'd need to see if phpList provides all the functionality for plugins as required.

anyone interested to pick that up as a project?