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Summary0014029: Selection of RSS items to send to users is redundant and time consuming
DescriptionThe current version of the RSS integration first selects all items to send to a specific user in rrslib.php by means of an "IN" comparison and sorts them by date, title etc. The result array containing only keys is then given back to the calling sendemaillib.php where the selection is done again from scratch with an inefficient "IN" operator, and then sorted again by list and date.

This approach is time consuming, loading the DB server with unnecessary queries, sorts and compares. Better, eliminate the duplicate sorting, and consider using the result set from the first query not only to give back the keys but all fields, and to avoid the selection a second time.
Additional InformationWe are currently investigating speed and performance problems of phplist with RSS on a server setup where the MySQL server experiences abnormal load conditions during the weekly emmission to about 4000 user.
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02-10-10 17:12

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BUMP - this is an important issue for admins on shared hosting - it could lead to suspended hosting accounts and needs more urgent review


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