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0013966phpList 3 applicationAdmin Managementpublic21-06-18 13:01
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Product Version2.10.5 
Summary0013966: "Fix emails for users who have an invalid email" (reconcile users) does not seem to work with special characters
DescriptionThis is reported by Heritage in this forum post:

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We have noticed the fix email script does not account for special characters.

We have had to manually scrub the following characters (by searching for users and seeing people in the list with bad emails. Then manually fixing them):


We also have seen an issue where two periods should only be one period "..". Should be ".".

Before the @ there should never be a dash only underscores or periods.

Maybe there can be a configuration where common misspellings (like yhoo needing to be yahoo) and special characters get removed or replaced by having them set as defined rules for reconciling users.

Similar to the concept and features of bounce handling. Maybe one can define how the repair feature handles correcting emails addresses with custom defined rules on the handling. If X change to Y.

This would be a very advance feature so even just having it in the config file would be a big help.

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related to 0015207 resolveduser1822 Email validation doesn't seem to work for the local part of an email address 



08-11-12 14:49

administrator   ~0051882

this function has been dropped from the core for now, and it's actually rather complicated. Should be recoded with a plugin