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0013662phplist applicationHTML Email Supportpublic11-03-08 12:4923-05-12 04:57
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Target Version4.0.xFixed in Version2.11.7 
Summary0013662: Provide option to edit textmessage after automatic generation from html
DescriptionThere are and will always be various issues with the automatic generation of the text version of the email.

A solution would be to offer a separate editor for this version.
Additional InformationMichiel Dethmers wrote:
> Well,
> phplist has the "manual text part" function, and also, the test email is
> sent twice, so considering the amount of other "wouldn't it be nice
> if..." things, I'd put this low on the list, albeit, put it in mantis
> under "phplist" and we might get to it once/when we have an army of coders.
> Michiel
> Ben Holliday wrote:
>> Hi Michiel,
>> We discussed the problems with plain text versions autogenerated by
>> phplist a while back (there's a client issue open about this somewhere
>> on Mantis - I couldn't find it tho)...
>> Saw this today which is interesting...
>> [^]
>> This is probably what we ought to consider doing as well. It auto
>> creates the text only version but then lets you edit before you send..
>> this solves problems with content being in the wrong order or
>> presentational markup/elements slipping through the filter.
>> Ben
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