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0013187phpList 3 pluginsGeneralpublic06-02-19 11:35
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Summary0013187: RSS Import: getrss truncates links, then when checking for new items oversized items get imported again
DescriptionUsing phplist and serendipity for feeding...

When getrss retrieves the feed items, the SQL statement checks if title, link and listnumber are equal. It then imports the item in the database. The title field is only 100 characters long, which leads to truncation in the actual case where the title is very long or the rss feed component creates long links.
the next scheduled import picks up the truncated title in the database and compares it to the original - the compare does not match and the item gets imported again, and again, and again...

change table rssitem field link to varchar(254) or text
Additional InformationIt was a very hard task to find this one! we examined the database and the code so many times. The titles are not truncated in the mails and rss db views, beacuase they are generated from rssitem_data, where every attribute is a text field. finally a link, count(link) select-statement on the rssitem table got me closer, but it was first revealed when I pressed on the "show me full columns" button in phpmyadmin. The truncation vs. the count of duplicates then proofed the case.
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03-02-08 18:07

reporter   ~0040340

as I found out today, also the field title is affected (yes we have news items with titles longer than 100 chars :)). Therefore it also should be changed to text or expanded to 255 chars...


11-03-08 05:16

reporter   ~0042398

For an immediate solution, I patched getrss.php on line #102 from:

Sql_Query(sprintf('select * from %s where title = "%s" and link = "%s"', $tables["rssitem"], addslashes($item["title"]), addslashes($item["link"])));


Sql_Query(sprintf('select * from %s where title = "%s" and link = "%s"', $tables["rssitem"], substr(addslashes($item["title"]),0,100), substr(addslashes($item["link"]),0,100)));

Essentially, this just compares the first 100 characters of the title and link field, eliminating the problem. While increasing the database field size to 255 chars will fix the problem most of the time, it's possible that somebody will STILL have URLs / titles longer than 255 characters. Whatever the decision re length of DB field is, I propose that the above "substr" chop be done to prevent accidental RSS item duplication ;)

See my full post here :

(and that SEO-focused URL is the reason WHY we need to address this ;)

- David

11-03-08 05:17


phplist_rss_long_urls_patch_0.diff (848 bytes)   
--- phplist_orig/admin/getrss.php	2007-08-28 01:01:27.000000000 +1200
+++ phplist/admin/getrss.php	2008-03-11 12:23:16.000000000 +1300
@@ -99,7 +99,8 @@
 				ProcessError($GLOBALS['I18N']->get('Process Killed by other process'));
-			Sql_Query(sprintf('select * from %s where title = "%s" and link = "%s"', $tables["rssitem"], addslashes($item["title"]), addslashes($item["link"])));
+			// Funky Penguin Mod - chop the title and the URL at 100 characters, since that's all the database will hold. SEO = long urls!
+			Sql_Query(sprintf('select * from %s where title = "%s" and link = "%s"', $tables["rssitem"], substr(addslashes($item["title"]),0,100), substr(addslashes($item["link"]),0,100)));
 			if (!Sql_Affected_Rows()) {
 				Sql_Query(sprintf('insert into %s (title,link,source,list,added)


17-03-08 16:45

reporter   ~0042978


thanks so far, just a remark, I think that the chance that URLs that are longer than 100 chars are unique on the very first 100 is rather high, so I would prefer an alternative to your patch, although this one will fix most of the user who experience issues with that.



17-03-08 19:24

reporter   ~0042987

Hi FLoh,

I'm not so sure, I can see it happening with certain URL conventions, where the "uniqueness" is at the end of the URL, for example:



09-04-08 10:29

reporter   ~0044443

Hi David,
what did you mean with not so sure, your example is very unique on the first 100 and therefore will suffer from the truncation and only the first entry will be imported.... that´s what I meant, 100 chars may not be enough fo form a unique key, better extend the DB fields *and* truncate to 255 or so...



10-07-08 19:52

reporter   ~0050096

I may be wrong, but wouldn't you use the values 0,99 in the substr function to get the 1st 100 characters?


02-10-10 17:18

reporter   ~0051107


Surely the query should be using two values minimum - such as the URL and the publish date/time - that would increase the uniqueness exponentially.



23-05-11 14:57

reporter   ~0051359

Same problem here. Also seem to have problem with non-standard characters in the title - maybe unicode characters are cut off improperly? (cannot reproduce it at the moment)
Wouldn't it be better to compare via a checksum (md5) from the full url that is saved in a separate field? So you needn't bother about the length.


05-09-11 08:29

reporter   ~0051399

@chrisa: I've the same problem with non standard characters, I've solved it changing line #108

$tables["rssitem"],addslashes(substr($item["title"],0,100)),addslashes(substr($item["link"],0,100)), addslashes($feed[0]),$feed[1]));

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