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0012801phpList 3 applicationAdmin Managementpublic18-02-19 10:33
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Target Version3.5.0 
Summary0012801: Subscriber management and clearout
DescriptionFeature request - Mass delete users based on multiple criteria (like unconfirmed AND bonce-count greater than X)

Would be nice to have a feature to mass delete users based on multiple criteria:

For example, I want to delete all unconfirmed(=0) users that have a bounce count greater than four (>=5), that are not disabled(=0), and I don't care whether or not they were blacklisted.

This would allow the ability to get rid of users that have been unconfirmed due to bounces, but not get rid of unconfirmed users with zero bounces (users that haven't confirmed yet).

Something like this:

Options to delete the following users:

[]Confirmed []Unconfirmed []Ignore

[]Non-Blacklisted []Blacklisted []Ignore

[]Non-Disabled []Disabled []Ignore

Bounce Count greater than or equal to: ___
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06-08-18 10:28

manager   ~0060987

One of Duncan's plugins may be able to achieve this