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0012449phpList 3 applicationSubscribe Processpublic05-09-13 13:01
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Product VersionFuture developments 
Target VersionFuture developmentsFixed in Version3.0.4 
Summary0012449: Feature request: A way to "invite" people to a list
DescriptionA feature that would be great/useful to have is a way to invite people to a list - without actually subscribing them -, e.g. that php list sends an email saying something like:

You have been invited to [that list].
[List description]

If you would like to join, please click on this link to subscribe:
[personalized link for that recipient]

If you do not wish to join this list, just ignore this email. Our system will not send you other emails.

The great usefulness of this feature would be that it keeps track of whom has been invited to a list, so that:
1- It doesn't re-send an invitation to people who already received the invitation and didn't subscribed (perhaps there could also be a function "Send second and last invitation to these emails addresses")
2- And it doesn't send invitations to people who *already* are on the list or whom have unsubscribed.

It would be quite useful in the case of a few non-profit organizations that I am helping, where we have sporadic events happening throughout the year and we would like to invite the participants of these events to join our phplist newsletter but we don't want to send a useless invitation to participants who already are on that list and we don't want either to bother by sending repetitive invitations to those who don't want to be on our list!
Additional InformationAfter having said what it would be nice to have "more", I need to say that what we actually have "now" is an incredibly great program (phplist), and that the developers truly deserve our gratitude and admiration for their past and continuous work!
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