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0011936phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic08-11-12 14:45
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Product Version2.10.5 
Summary0011936: use campaign system to send re-request for confirmation
Original summary: Resend the request for confirmation does no seem to conform to throttle or batch settings in config.php

When using the "resend the request for confirmation to users who signed up and have not confirmed their subscription" option on the "reconcile users" page, the confirmation requests are sent as fast as possible, without conforming to the send rate settings in config.php.

This can be problematic when the number of confirmation requests is higher than the message limit set by a host.

A similar issue, involving the "Send Notification email" when importing users, has been addressed in release 2.11.4, and could be applied here.

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related to 0002705 closed PHPList v2.11 release 
related to 0010817 resolveduser1308 Throttle notification sending when importing users? 



08-04-08 06:22

manager   ~0044321

Related to Mantis issue

davidS posted a number of mods in this thread:


08-11-12 14:45

administrator   ~0051880

This needs a revamp of the resending of confirmation requests, to use the normal queuing system, instead of a direct mailing.

But that's a catch-22, because the normal processqueue system won't send an email to subscribers who are unconfirmed. So, this needs further thought.

Basically it's some kind of "Invite mode" where the campaign is sent to subscribers who are not confirmed, and requires a confirmation link.