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0011231phpList 3 applicationSubscribe Processpublic12-05-11 19:15
ReporterRationalRabbit Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.4 
Target Version2.10.XFixed in Version2.10.13 
Summary0011231: Hard return truncating data in textarea
DescriptionI noticed that someone posted this problem over a year ago and never got a reply. Someone sent me here, where I found one report, but I don't think the issue was understood. This is not just truncating a message in the e-mail sent, it is truncating it before it is entered in the database. I have looked at the database, and the messages are truncated there as well.

When a hard return is used in an attribute textarea, the remaining data is truncated.
The user is totally unaware their text is not all making it to its intended destination.
Additional InformationLinux (CentOS)
Apache 1.3.37 (Unix)
PHP 4.4.7
MySQL 4.1.22-standard
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related to 0005880 closedmichiel using a textarea attribute value in a message doesn't output all the data 



02-09-07 15:47

manager   ~0031506

Possibly related to:



12-05-11 19:15

administrator   ~0051330

seems ok in the demo, which still runs 2.10.13:

I'll upload a screenshot, in case the demo resets itself (can't remember, I think it does)


12-05-11 19:15


bug11231.png (17,702 bytes)   
bug11231.png (17,702 bytes)