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0010998phpList 3 applicationInstallationpublic06-07-10 00:47
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Product Version2.10.4 
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Summary0010998: Enhance security
DescriptionPlacing the config dir -and if possible the whole admin dir- beneath the root dir would substantially enhance security. This is relevant because a number of users mentioned having deleted the .htaccess files that protect these key directories and/or changing permissions, leaving them completely exposed. While most users do not make this kind of error and know how to protect key directories, it seems a a good idea to reduce risks for unexperienced users.

Additionally it might be a good idea to extend the possibility of encrypting passwords (now only for list list users) to admins.
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09-04-09 07:59

manager   ~0050619

A related feature request:

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Option to Easily Park Non-view Scripts Outside Public Root

Ideally non-view scripts (config's, batch, or processing) should reside outside the public root in case PHP fails to parse them and they're exposed or executed out of context.

SMF has a config option which indicates where the sources are located. It can be changed to match a non-standard location such as one outside the web root (before public_html, inetpub, etc.).

As it is one must alter the Phplist source to safely relocate such code.

==== END QUOTE ====