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Summary0010841: Phplist now supports Simplepie for RSS and Atom handling
DescriptionHi folks,

After a few weeks of live testing, I'd like to pass on a modification to phplist which replaces the aging Onyx for RSS processing with Simplepie -- offering a big step up in terms of processing both RSS and Atom (including Atom 1.0) feeds.

With the modification, you can fetch up pretty much all flavours of feeds, and you can do it more reliably. You can also get the data out in a consistently named format, regardless of the syntax of the underlying feed. That means you can use tags like 'Author' or 'Pubdate' in your RSS parsing template (specified on the main phplist configuration page) and know that they'll always work, regardless of the syntax of the underlying feed (where the corresponding tags may or may not be named 'author' or 'pubdate'.

I've found it very handy. :D

There's a brief write-up, and fully commented source code for a modified getrss.php, at:


Please note this modification has been tested on 2.11.3 [i]only[/i]. (Yes, I grasp the fact that 2.11.3 isn't supposed to be used on live installations, but my own installation was suffering too much from bugs in 2.10.4 to make it worth the effort manually applying all the relevant fixes, rather than just bumping up to 2.11.3.)

Michiel, if you're out there, I hope you'll take a peek and consider using this to replace the aging Onyx in the main phplist release.

All the best,
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30-07-07 17:15

reporter   ~0029881

Sorry about that bbcode junk in there -- I didn't realize Mantis doesn't speak bbcode. (Nor does it seem to let me edit my own submission to correct the error...)

The correct URL for the modified getrss.php and the write-up is:

All the best,


21-05-12 21:00

administrator   ~0051574

will be good to incorporate in the RSS plugin

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