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0010258phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic13-02-19 12:41
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Summary0010258: CSS expert needed

I need help in this page

The third level with the date, text and links need to be inline (there will be a new column, check the image or talk to me about it). I don't know how to do it, have been trying for ages... Can you test it to look like that?
I have attached and image of what I'm saying.

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11-06-07 18:26


PatWeb-03.jpg (636,546 bytes)


11-06-07 18:37


Or I can make it table based and sorted... What you think?


12-06-07 09:00


hi - ok the prob was that each 'block' needed a class so that you can then control it in the css - I've added these to the tempalte and updated the CSS

I've put some coloured borders on so you can see what's what:

So adjust the css to how you want it and remove the borders


14-06-07 13:38


A new one:

Ben, here I need the text of images to be bottom vertical aligned. Should I add a div around the text, display block, vertical align bottom (or is it text-align??)... Please advice. Thanks.


14-06-07 13:49


ah - a classic css problem this..!

You can solve this immediately by using a <table..!

OR, you can solve using CSS but ONLY if you specify a height for the <li

although to be honest I wouldn't do this with a list at all - better to create them as <divs and float them left - otherwise it won't validate.

so with CSS you'd have to set a fixed height for each item