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0010172phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic13-02-19 12:28
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Summary0010172: databases of Forum are diff?
DescriptionMichiel, check this

Could this be caused by some server "movement" or bad syncro in of server? Have no idea, guess is Eze's job, but assigned to you fyi.
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related to 0010845 closed broken links to forum 



01-06-07 22:41

manager   ~0027480

eze any idea?


01-06-07 23:05

manager   ~0027481

Just a note to help pin-point the time frame in which the thread ID has changed:
- The original post referred to thread ID 7083 on 13-04-07
- Google cache last indexed this as thread ID 7083 on 27-05-07
- The change of thread ID 7083 to ID 6920 was discovered on 31-05-07
So, the change occured between the 27th of May and the 31th of May.



02-06-07 00:43

manager   ~0027482

very strange indeed. We have been moving the DB around a bit, but I can only imagine that loses threads but wouldn't renumber them. I don't know how phpBB does it, but I'd imagine they use an auto_increment on the threads, in which case even deleted topics would never get a previous number, it just keeps counting.


04-06-07 16:49


hi h2b2, as Michiel has said I moved the forum's DB between the load balanced servers where is being hosted, but again I would have expected to get an issue on deleted post instead of the issue that you found.

Quoting you from
"It seems that numbers ID of the threads (and posts?) have tendence to change in the forum"

Can you please let me know of any other occurrence of this problem ?




06-06-07 03:23

manager   ~0027668

Alright, I'll keep you posted ;-)


11-06-07 01:03

manager   ~0027815

Possibly another one.

According to Google cache,
Topic 5085 was: Answers, Howtos, Tips & Tricks: Customizing confirmation emails

Topic 5085 now is: Answers, Howtos, Tips & Tricks: CSS and Gmail


22-06-07 14:49

manager   ~0028371

Possibly another one:


27-06-07 06:36

manager   ~0028534 seems to have been deleted or lost.

That's a shame as that thread provided a useful mod for values in micro-seconds when throttling. Ref:

If the forum system isn't reliable enough to keep the message base intact, wouldn't it be a good idea to copy all mods to the wiki? This would reduce the risk of loosing more useful mods in the future, while at the same time keeping them accesible to users.


27-06-07 13:57


h2b2, many thanks for your monitoring , I passing on this to Hernan who is the site manager.

Hern, can you check this please and decide if its possible, and how / who should do it ?




31-07-07 04:54


You might want to chat with Bas, he might have some useful ideas about this => read related issue


21-02-08 23:01

manager   ~0041245

Forum threads continue disappearing. Unfortunately these include quite useful ones with fixes and mods. The latest 'casualty' is a popular mod to insert the date in messages. See:

Probably related to the disappearing threads issue:
- I noticed the total number of posted messages reported by phpBB has remained just under 14000 for the last year or so. This is peculiar, given the steady increase in forum users and posted forum messages.
- Most long time, high volume posters have a number of disappeared/missing messages. Some have been complaining about this, as they were using their forum posts as a personal reference, as well as a reference to other forum users.

Notably, I have posted over 4000 messages on the forum, about half of them seem to have disappeared.
Bevan, with 466 posts has only 33 left that can be viewed. Totto with 370 posts has just 19 matches left when clicking on 'Find all posts by Totto'. etc.

One might be tempted to think that either some pruning is going on to keep the total message volume under 14000 posts, or some kind of misconfiguration of phpBB that results in maintaining the total number of posts under the 14000 level.


21-02-08 23:40

manager   ~0041247

aargh, you're right. I remember when I set up the forums years ago, I had pruning on for a while and realised it wasn't that useful. I didn't realise that Bevan, who re-arranged the forums later on, had switched it all on again. He'd set it to prune threads that had not had a posting for more than a year. I can see the point of that, but it does now appear useful posts, for reference are pruned as well.

I've switched off pruning in all forums, although it may be an idea to

1. selectively add it to certain forums (the "help me" ones) that can fill up with nonsense quite quickly.
2. make sure useful posts are actually copied to the Wiki for reference.


22-02-08 04:15

manager   ~0041254

Good to know this issue has been cleared up.

It might be an idea to ask users to place their contributions in the Wiki, but I expect this may have 2 practical disadvantages.
- Current practice is that many contributions are published, improved upon or extended within forum threads. In fact the forum environment and structure seems to stimulate both contribution feedback and improvements. This may not be the case in a Wiki environment.
- I am afraid many users won't take the extra steps to open a Wiki account, get acquainted with its inner workings, publish a contribution, and open a support thread on the forum. And thus it seems probable most users will keep with current practice, which consists of posting a fix or mod in any forum they happen to be in.

Perhaps, as a partial and short term solution, one could consider asking the moderators to systematically and persistently move all threads with mods, fixes and other contributions to the "Add-ons, Contributions, Mods, Plug-ins" forum, and avoid any pruning there.

As for a long term solution with regard to a practical knowledge base ... I'm not familiar enough with the terrain to give any suggestions.


22-02-08 11:30

manager   ~0041273

I agree it'll sometimes be awkward to put stuff in the Wiki, and in as a result it won't happen.

And yes, I think that's a good idea to allocate a few forums that have pruning off and moderators move threads there to make sure they are kept.

Maybe for now leave pruning off on all forums and see if it becomes too awkward. I guess it might have a negative effect on the search after a while.


27-02-08 04:00

manager   ~0041686

This is the first batch of threads with mods that could be moved to the Add-ons, Contributions, Mods, Plug-ins" forum. Most are referred to in the "PhplistHacks" Wiki page. I'll come back with more threads as soon as I happen to stumble on them.


27-02-08 12:22

manager   ~0041712

are you not moderator, so you can move them ? If not, you should become one.


28-02-08 02:28

manager   ~0041762

Allright, if you can give give me moderator access, I'll move the theads.


28-02-08 18:07


Last edited: 28-02-08 18:08

hi h2b2,

I've made you moderator on all forums




28-02-08 20:39

manager   ~0041861

Hi Eze,
Thanks, the above threads have just been moved.


31-10-12 12:18

manager   ~0051819

closing for age. reopen if still relevant