Issues with no set due date for future consideration.
0020212: [Campaign Management] [META]: Enhancements to 'Generate Message Preview'
0020208: [Attachments] Feature request: enable server browsing for attachments
0018148: [System Admin] Separate campaign reply-to addresses for separate subadmins
0020050: [Automatic updater] Update documentation to reflect the fact that insufficient space to store the new temporary update will break updater
0019953: [Subscribe Process] Add support for translating transactional messages
0019898: [Template Management] [META]: Template management workflow improvements
       0019906: [Template Management] Allow sorting and pagination on 'list templates'
       0019905: [Template Management] Allow multi select and delete of templates on 'list templates'
       0019904: [Template Management] Add placeholders help text to the template editor page
       0019901: [Template Management] Add an edit template option to 'list templates'
       0019900: [Template Management] Add the date when the campaign was created and edited to 'list templates' page
       0019899: [Template Management] Add a placeholder for the path the hosted image directory is located
       0019902: [Template Management] Remove the ID column from 'list templates'
0003727: [Internationalization (l18n)] Create a system to download new language packs
0006461: [Internationalization (l18n)] full multilingual support
0017787: [General] Non-Superadmin can not change status confirmed/unconfirmed of subscriber
0018186: [General] Remind people how they signed up to your list
0018212: [General] Embargo time to send mails to subscriber in correct timezone per each subscriber.
0016950: [Admin Management] A changed blacklisted address isn't re-blacklisted
0016925: [Campaign Management] Default footer attributes lose their status
0019538: [General] Disable X-Mailer Header set by PHP Mailer library
0017463: [General] Add 'use default' button to reset the campaign footer content to the system default via ajax
0015357: [Campaign Send Process] Develope Swift mailer pluggin that would allow phplist message sending to increase exponentionaly!
0019363: [Statistics] Add statistics explaining the most common reasons for subscribers being blacklisted
0019359: [Statistics] Provide statistics for signup sources and comparative performance between them
0019358: [Statistics] Allow user-definable 'call to action' or 'conversion' links and goal conversion statistics
0019351: [Interface - Administrator] Different labels used for the same setting: newsletter signup message content
0019350: [Subscriber Import] Allow import of compressed files containing subscriber data
0017369: [Bounce Management] Bounce processing is much slower on 3.x than on 2.x
0018262: [General] Bounces by domain table - per campaign
0018193: [General] lower consecutive bounce thresholds for new subscribers higher for established subscribers
0018058: [General] search subscribes page blacklist math off
0018038: [General] Give UI to throttling per domain core
0018063: [Statistics] Add support for HTML <area> click tracking
0018120: [General] Alow owner of campaign to be edited (like with lists)
0018070: [General] Search bounce messages
0017882: [Campaign Send Process] Lists categories tab in "Send Campaign" has different order with categories in "Subscribers List"
0017884: [Command Line] make exec calls in cron more system independent
0017764: [General] Edit text of ALL system messages.
0017723: [Interface - Editor] info button on text version tab
0017822: [General] Stats for welcome email etc
0017800: [General] Add a "send confrimation email" button to some or even all places where you add subscribers
0016915: [Interface - Administrator] Send a message to an entire category of lists
0017756: [General] Sub-categroies, or similar better way to orgnise geography based lists.
0015584: [General] Make system notifications optional by type to avoid 'notification flooding'
0016599: [Admin Management] Allow to upload exact recipient-lists via CSV Import
0017292: [Batch Processing] Admins can't process queus
0017234: [General] country list update
0016955: [Internationalization (l18n)] Switch language at install
0017062: [Bounce Management] Memory allocation error on large bounce message
0016877: [Security] increase password security
0017529: [Admin Management] Don't allow changing preferences without actually changing preferences
0016849: [phpList] Plugin download impossible with open_basedir
0017627: [General] inedequate statistics and meta of campaign sent multiple times
0017652: [Bounce Management] Email Mime Decode
0017638: [Statistics] special characters in links converted and breaking links
0017466: [General] add multiple lists in one go
0017561: [Campaign Management] Filter Messages by Category
0017520: [phpList] App for Ipad and Iphone
0017343: [Bounce Management] Subscriber (url:xxx) has consecutive bounces (y) over threshold (y), subscriber marked unconfirmed
0016991: [Admin Management] ensure uniqueness of uniqid.
0016907: [Subscribe Process] Exporting/importing non UTF-8 CSV files
0016906: [Configuration] Custom default Field Delimiter
0016840: [Interface - Backend] Request username info
0016567: [phpList] Export first and then importing users
0015619: [phpList] building a debian package
0014293: [Campaign Send Process] Event log/mail in phplist
0016524: [Interface - Administrator] Number of rows listed in results
0015452: [Campaign Management] patch to significantly speed up admin/?page=messages
0008333: [Bounce Management] View Bounces does not show unprocessed entries
0008166: [Campaign Send Process] Manual Text Message to processs URL fetching
0015546: [phpList] mass deletes of messages
0008826: [Subscribe Process] Add the possibility to use a CAPTCHA in the suscription form
0008341: [Repetition] Make duplicated messages 'draft' by default
0007903: [Subscribe Process] Solution: new subscriber gets last list email automatically
0016558: [Template Management] mixing upload embedded and template images makes them show up as attachments
0015237: [Subscribe Process] phplist changes subscribe layout for user that subscribes in new list
0008877: [Interface - Frontend] SPAM Bot Protection
0008209: [Campaign Send Process] new queue processor
0016616: [Bounce Management] Handle BATV bounces
0014108: [Campaign Management] Store Attachments in Database
0015252: [Statistics] More extensive click tracking
0015560: [phpList] Unique FCK-editor CSS per admin
0015561: [RSS] RSS feed for phplist itself
0008242: [General] Method for Selecting Recipients by Zip Code
0006213: [Template Management] Template by Owner
0017826: [General] Piwik tracking code system
0018003: [Bounce Management] Feedback loops
0019914: [General] Change Import1 page to use "Confirm Import" instead of "Go back"
0019550: [Interface - Backend] "Invalid value for email addresses" not being displayed on settings page
0018017: [plugins] Invite plugin making super low interest list rather than blacklist
0017283: [General] AJAX sign up form documentation and implementation
0017637: [Internationalization (l18n)] Language in browser sticking to English
0016919: [Campaign Management] Configurable timezone offset
0019389: [Internationalization (l18n)] Language in browser sticking to English
0017952: [Authentication System] pop=Before-SMTP
0016900: [Admin Management] Please return the "reason" field for for blacklisting users
0018010: [Interface - Frontend] Add tooltip hints to icons on subscriber search page
0015433: [Interface - Backend] Simple configure patch
0017326: [Campaign Send Process] set default format to text only
0016814: [Interface - Backend] Add some javascript to manage tables width column problems
0012449: [Subscribe Process] Feature request: A way to "invite" people to a list
0015502: [Campaign Send Process] On a list of 500 users only the first 50 receive messages yet the log suggests complete success
0006620: [Statistics] Javascript links doesn't work
0010937: [Interface - Backend] Change 0/1 values to checkboxes or radio buttons
0015305: [Subscriber Import] unable to select "no value" for default country attribute when importing users
0014002: [HTML Email Support] disallow pasting test emails, particularly when using click tracking
0015554: [phpList] System incompatibility: deprecated PHP functions lead to trouble when running PHP 5.3+
0006778: [Interface - Frontend] ordering subscribe pages
0017553: [Campaign Send Process] google less secure apps
0015397: [Template Management] using XSLT as template language
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