Scheduled For Release 13-11-19
0020156: [Email] "Campaign started" email formatting issues
0020153: [Subscriber Import] Spurious changes reported by import1 page
0020150: [Interface - Administrator] Total Clicks on campaign list page reports error
0020152: [Subscribe Process] Remove periods from end of long links
0020151: [Interface - Frontend] Strange formatting of lists on confirm page
0020148: [Subscriber Import] Import simple needs more visual feedback
0020134: [Interface - Backend] utf8 support for campaign subject
0020124: [Bounce Management] Database error 1366 and 1064 after processing bounces
0020133: [phpList] Update phpList logo on GitHub
0020119: [Interface - Backend] Fuzzy Fonts In Various Screens
0020117: [Bounce Management] processbounces has sql error inserting into user_message_bounce table
0020126: [General] Converting the database to UTF8
0020125: [Email] Include List-Unsubscribe-Post header to indicate one-click functionality
0020112: [Interface - Editor] CKeditor menus extend the full width of window with Trevelin theme
0020144: [Configuration] 404 error custom page not working
0020128: [General] Allow additional processing of a link click by plugins.
0020127: [General] Display campaign title and bounce time on Subscriber Profile campaigns tab
0020123: [Bounce Management] Database error 1064 after processing bounces
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