Scheduled For Release 19-05-11
0019775: [Interface - Administrator] Check how the "are you sure you want to leave this page" message is triggered to avoid showing it when no changes are made
0018078: [General] Time of bounce in history of a subscriber profile is misleading
0019936: [Admin Management] PHP 7.2.0+ session_set_save_handler
0019932: [Automatic updater] Allows the administrator to continue to navigate without the need to click the Back Button when an error is displayed
0019665: [Documentation] Update manual chapters linked on Dashboard
0019897: [Theme - Trevelin] Update screenshots in Trevelin GitHub repo
0019839: [Interface - Administrator] visual feedback on tab click
0019914: [General] Change Import1 page to use "Confirm Import" instead of "Go back"
0019893: [Automatic updater] Fix Arrow animation on the slide
0019933: [Automatic updater] Add help option to provide additional information when an error related to the updater is shown
0019858: [Theme - Trevelin] Research: Make navigation sub-menus expand on hover for desktop users only
0019758: [Automatic updater] Add a version compare check for the downloaded phpList version
0019492: [General] Design new readme page for phpList 3 on GitHub
0019895: [Internationalization (l18n)] The update translations page now fails when checking for new translations
0019846: [phpList 4 Related] Add subscriber count REST API call
0019837: [General] Check if the required PHP modules are missing
0019937: [Template Management] Edit template button has incorrect URL
0019943: [Documentation] API and Integrations section is outdated on manual
0019925: [General] Add a test to check public pages are not displaying blank
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