Scheduled For Release 20-04-19
0020170: [Template Management] Disallow the use of Javascript in templates
0020169: [Bounce Management] Vacation responders being considered as Bounces
0020168: [Bounce Management] Export list of email bounced
0020166: [Site wide] Mantis only shows Product Version up to 3.4.8
0020167: [Interface - Frontend] Please remove the word "version" from public pages
0019946: [Campaign Send Process] Add an option to remove default footer on campaigns that use a template
0016590: [Interface - Administrator] allow delete subset of subscribers
0016901: [Admin Management] Listing of valid users
0019318: [Bounce Management] Unknown user and campaign on bounces page
0017333: [Internationalization (l18n)] hover over text for "add a list" and create a list page title are incorrect
0017377: [Campaign Send Process] Adding Received: header with HTTP web browser IP address is a privacy issue
0018045: [General] search for only "green" subscribers
0018053: [General] Remove these subscribers from this list
0018056: [Admin Management] Number of blacklisted+unconfirmed subscribers in notice message
0018076: [General] Export list summary data
0018131: [phpList] Unexpected Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
0018252: [General] separate unsubscribe clicks from other clicks
0018544: [Campaign Send Process] Process queue not terminating
0018577: [Subscriber Export] Redesign export subscriber page
0018580: [Subscriber Export] Allow exporting subscribers by attribute (filter exported subscribers by attributes)
0018738: [Interface - Administrator] Add more detailed statistics to 'bounces per list' page
0018752: [Interface - Administrator] Add account limit usage graphs to dashboard
0018792: [Statistics] Add 'List performance' page with statistical breakdown for each list
0019325: [General] [META]: Subscriber's managment
0019474: [Interface - Administrator] Add a delete/remove admin button on admin page
0019674: [Interface - Administrator] Limit news items in dashboard 'community news' widget to 2 or 3
0012801: [Admin Management] Subscriber management and clearout
       0015474: [Admin Management] delete subscribers by domain
0017999: [Admin Management] Administrator Login Name with more than 25 characters
0019100: [Sub-admins] Feature Proposal: Make it possible for sub-admins to access the same lists.
0019215: [System Admin] Check what happens with campaign ownership when there are two super admins
0018811: [Statistics] USERTRACK code should be placed at the beginning of mail
0019182: [Admin Management] Please allow admins to provide an unsubscription reason without notifying subscribers
0019839: [Interface - Administrator] visual feedback on tab click
0018418: [Bounce Management] FEATURE: Add "hard" vs "soft" bounce detection (ship with pre-configured bounce regexs)
0019317: [Interface - Administrator] Add label to 'Category' dropdown on Subscriber Lists page to clarify the button's purpose
0017417: [Subscriber Export] Exporting with "Any date" results in stuck query and timeouts
0018168: [Interface - Administrator] Create "new campaign" link in main navigation menu
0018228: [General] capital letters on settings page
0018481: [Subscriber Export] Add support for Microsoft Excel CSV files
0019293: [Statistics] Add 'unsubscribes' to Statistics Overview page and subtract it from click statistics
0019299: [Email] Remove newsletter title capitalisation in confirmation email content
0019337: [Plugin API] review the UX on plugins that stop having the dependencies and are automatically disabled
0019429: [Sub-admins] Remove check for privileges when adding sub-account as super-admin
0020139: [Interface - Administrator] Don't show --select one again on select options of templates in the format tab
0019673: [Interface - Administrator] Link 'community news' widget title on dashboard to news page
0017465: [General] delete category once a list is assigned to it
0019052: [Interface - Administrator] Create an object similar to #globalhelp to use for large amount of texts within different section of pages.
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