Scheduled For Release 06-07-19
0017642: [Interface - Administrator] Repeated 'Initialising phpList in your language, please wait'
0018002: [Command Line] Undefined Index when calling via Command-Line
0018420: [Bounce Management] Report all errors when process bounces fails to connect to the mailbox
0018184: [Authentication System] when no admins are found, force adding one and activate require_login
0018309: [System Admin] Remove instances of "Hmmm" from log messages
0017962: [Interface - Administrator] Refresh translations automatically
0018090: [All Other] Add list button not visible for sub-accounts with correct permissions
0018022: [Interface - Administrator] Bounce Rules Regular Expression window
0016958: [Bounce Management] changing a bounced email address for a subscriber re-blocks them
0017861: [Bounce Management] subscriber vs. email distinction when bounce processing
0016932: [User Management] searching subscribers - return details on listing
0017353: [Interface - Backend] Statistics overview encondig problem.
0017640: [Bounce Management] Advanced Bounce Processing System Email
0018566: [Statistics] Link clicks fail when signed with hmac
0017649: [Statistics] Click tracking decoding urlencoded characters
0018742: [Internationalization (l18n)] Process bounces message omits number of bounces
0017860: [Bounce Management] bounce processed multiple times unless deleted
0017596: [Statistics] Links containig a uid are changed to something different
0018134: [Other] Use of misleading http status codes
0018099: [All Other] Editing and saving subscriber email in profile - show clear alert on duplicate
0018115: [Message Send Process] phpMailer uses always SMTPAutoTLS
0018133: [Other] Incorrect parameters to mysqli_connect
0018124: [All Other] Admin attribute placeholder not filling with blank when attribute is not applicatble
0017996: [Interface - Administrator] Unable to delete attribute values
0018040: [Email] php mail() function is used instead of sending through an smtp server
0018072: [Message Send Process] Progress messages not displayed when processing queue in the browser
0018085: [Configuration] Update example of using alternative phpmailer
0018025: [Email] Status email links not working
0018086: [Message Send Process] allow setting smtp_options for phpMailer
0018031: [phpList] Forward Subject Incorrect
0018032: [phpList] index.php function parseCline case typing
0018004: [User Management] deleting an attribute value fails
0018049: [Security] Reset password links are hard coded to HTTP
0017971: [Message Send Process] When parallel processing is used the number of emails sent is incorrect
0017982: [All Other] email@domain.191.IT addresses seen as invalid
0017974: [Security] The test email field is not secure
0017957: [Subscriber Import] Matching by foreign key does not work
0017221: [Interface - Administrator] Admin initialisation page has malformed link to "Close this box"
0017528: [User Management] Multiple unsubscription notifications for the same subscribers
0017935: [Template Management] The LOGO does not get replaced in system messages
0017944: [Message Send Process] line-break added by phplist 3.2.3 make impossible displaying in hotmail
0017942: [All Other] Use of short array syntax with php < 5.4
0017767: [Message Management] update viewed to record view of first view and not last
0017887: [Other] avoid sending unsubscribe message too often
0017900: [All Other] translations are not overwritten
0017901: [Email] Clickable links in status emails
0017883: [Message Management] delete button
0017850: [phpList] Remote Processing of Queue Logs Event Unnecessarily
0017858: [Message Send Process] can't switch back from send a webpage
0017176: [Message Send Process] when 'send a web page' contains spanish language characters, improperly encoded
0017807: [All Other] change name of user clicks
0017455: [All Other] continue with configuration button hidden behind dashboard interface
0017801: [Subscriber Export] Export subscriber with limited rights exports whole subscriber database
0017839: [Message Send Process] Remote queue processing not working
0017633: [Configuration] Notification email address not allowed to be empty
0017832: [Interface - Administrator] language switching doesn't close window when done
0017843: [Message Management] When composing a campaign the server time is not refreshed
0017841: [Other] Keep-alive requests are being sent too often
0017630: [Interface - Administrator] [Enhancement] Select all lists in a category
       0017842: [All Other] Select all tweak: confusing to see select all on selected lists tab
0017840: [Subscriber Import] Adding a list from the import page fails
0017782: [Message Send Process] ensure From field has only one email address
0017040: [User Management] Unable to re-order user attribute list values when there are more than 100
0017760: [Browser Issues] return http error codes on error
0017765: [Message Management] Allow plugins to add to the view message page
0017618: [Installation] "View a campaign" page formats plain text incorrectly
0017742: [Interface - Administrator] Resolution for "Your IP address has changed. For security reasons, please login again" when behind a proxy
0016909: [Bounce Management] does not pick up regular expression
0017647: [Bounce Management] bouncerules missing "with tagged rules" delete/deactivate/save changes
0017566: [Message Management] Message data table contains data unrelated to the message
0017710: [Message Send Process] can't stop a repeating campaign
0017586: [All Other] private lists are printed with [LISTS] (by default or always?)
0017632: [All Other] campaign click statistics link to list of subscibers who clicked
0017288: [User Management] Campaign is sent to subscriber who is shown as blacklisted
0017741: [Security] Hard coded link on page to http:// causes security error in browsers
0017794: [All Other] Load data from predefined defaults (attributes) returns errors
0018295: [Interface - Backend] SQL GROUP BY Errors
0017869: [Installation] Get database error 1170 when installing 3.2.0
0018001: [HTML Email Support] RFC Compliance Issues.
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Scheduled For Release 06-07-19
0017252: [Internationalization (l18n)] Missing translations for various strings
0016914: add support for RTL languages
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